More User Monetization

A close reading of Oculus’ terms of service shows that they can fuse information about you that they collect together with other information about you that they purchase from others, all to then create custom marketing to you. And they explicitly state that they will also then collect information (and use arbitrarily) about just how you respond to said marketing! A good article about this, with examples from their Terms of Service, is in Extreme Tech.


Tire Cap Valves: the vaccine against the robot revolution

Thanks so Samuel Gibbs of The Guardian, now we know just what it takes to reverse the trend of human underemployment and human labor to robot capital resource extraction.  Mercedes has a new car that is so difficult to assemble that they have reversed trend, replacing robots with people. And they admitted in the article that in fact this new trend safeguards human jobs. What a concept! To find out exactly how tire cap valves cause this, partly, read the original article: Mercedes-Benz swaps robots for people on its assembly lines.