Hawking Gets it Right

Stephen Hawking has, in the past few years, made some statements about Artificial Intelligence that are oft-quoted and, to be, somewhat misleading. His voiced concern was existential– about whether we are girding for the possibility (small ‘p’) that AI might decide that we humans are not so useful to have around, Skynet and all. But his commentary today in The Guardian, This is the most dangerous time for our planet, is outstandingly well done. He comments crisply on some of the most critical problems we face, weaving together the concerns we should all have regarding global balkanization,  extremism, climate change, climate refugee dynamics, technologically induced underemployment, inequity. It’s all there, folks, ready for the reading. I heartily recommend Hawking’s newest commentary- share it with your friends. His final thoughts are that we must be humble even in the heights of the ivory tower. I’ll go one step further: we need to find a path toward global empathy, and this empathy in turn needs to totally reprogram how we think of externalities and consequences of action and inaction both. It is time to be one team.


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