Technology in Education

Sarfraz Manzoor writes an article on Technology in Education well worth reading in The Guardian.  Steiner schools eschew the use of tablets and computers in the classroom, and of course this turns out not to be the handicap many assume it will be. In fact many readers will be even more surprised to see a number of studies noting that lessened use of technology in classrooms often correlates with more learning. Andreas Schleicher is quoted- I saw his keynote at the Global Education & Skill Forum- talking about how their OECD international analyses have not yet shown technology to improve learning. This ought to be a wake-up call that we cannot simply invent new technology and throw it at education; we need to be more ethnographic, more aware of just what good learning means, and how to co-design changes to the learning environment with the very important stakeholders we keep ignoring: teachers, students, parents.  Good article, Manzoor.


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