Immortality. Again.

First there was the Singularity. Then the 2045 Project. Now there’s Humai- a startup devoted to making people live forever, as described in this Techspot article by Rob Thubron. It seems to easy these days to confuse simulation with reality. If we mine your social web presence, and create a learning computer algorithm that mimics your responses to other peoples’ posts, does that mean you’re immortal? You laugh. But I have talked to some Singularity believers recently who claim that we are already past the Singularity! That, in fact, their electronic presence is so strong that they shall never really “die.” Interestingly, they don’t use those quotes at all.  So perhaps the reason real, living venture capitalists (or are they zombies?) are willing to invest in companies like Humai is that language is fluid. All we have to do is redefine the word “death” and the word “immortal.” Then, under new semantics, companies can indeed sell us immortality. Bob’s your uncle.


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