Rise of the AI Chasm

Charles Arthur of The Guardian reports on a new Bank of America Merril Lynch report, Creative Disruption, regarding how AI technologies will eventually increase the employment divides across our planet by separating the god-like A.I. owners from the underemployed rest of us. Of course, one laughable answer is that we will live in the age of abundance and, therefore, we will all greatly enjoy not working. Right. In fact, the publication itself by BofA is less exciting than Arthur’s focus on A.I. makes it out to be. Bank of America continues to flog the Singularity message that exponential increases in computer mean that, soon, computers will reason faster than humans (never mind just how well they reason compared to us). And the original report also touts both longevity of life induced by modern technological medical advances, and the revolutionary disruptions proferred by the Internet of Things architectures for connectived devices.  All this might come to pass; and I agree that, largely, inequality will be only exacerbated by these trends. But the scientific trends themselves can so easily be overblown that it is difficult to separate unlikely techno-optimism from seriously likely threats. Both are found a-plenty in the report.

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