One thought on “Book review!

  1. David Barlex

    Dear Illah
    I’m reading Parenting for technology futures with great interest. I’m intrigued by your view of STEM particularly the difference between silo STEM and blended STEM. I and my colleague Frank Banks have written the book Teaching STEM in Secondary Schools, Helping Teachers Meet the Challenge ( ) and in this we confront the difficulty of ‘the silo’. Methods that require large administrative change in enhancing the relationships between subjects in silos are unlikely to be successful. Hence we have opted for a ‘teaching in the light of STEM’ approach in which teachers of say technology teach their subject bearing in mind what their pupils have learned/are learning in mathematics and science. I think you’ll find this approach and our final chapter “Future visions of STEM’ interesting. I hope so. If you’d like to correspond then please do so via my website
    David Barlex


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