Replacing Humans with Robots

Oh I can’t wait to share this. Thanks to Randy Sargent for discovering Robotica, a short video series by the New York Times that released a first episode about China’s program that is called, literally, Replacing humans with robots.  The video is absolutely stunning in its sincerity: humans today are inferior workers to past; we can now start replacing humans with robots en masse.  The real kicker comes at the end of the video, which you should watch in its entirety. The Vice Director of Economy for Shunde, China, notes that the employees losing their jobs ought to go back to their homes in rural China. And when asked what will happen when the factories back home decide to automate also, he says, sure, that’ll happen. And they’ll automate just the same. You will want to watch the end of the interview twice, just to be sure you hear it right.

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