Community Empowerment for Air Quality

The final chapter of Robot Futures talked of an alternate future where we use robotic technologies to empower communities, providing information and power in a more equitable way than the paths we appear to be on right now.  Air quality has been one issue on which we have been pushing hard on this respect, and many of you have tracked our Breathe Project BreatheCam contributions with Heinz Endowment foundation funding. We have also been developing a sensor that would enable everyone to measure their personal air quality at home, so they can improve their family’s air directly by providing direct feedback. I am happy to announce that our effort is scaling up! We are spinning the sensor, the Speck, out of Carnegie Mellon and will work hard to manufacture enough of these sensors to meet the community need we already seen around us. Follow us @SpeckSensor.  We will have many developments on this front over the next two months.

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