Inequality Sunday

Perfect timing! The New York Times, in collaboration with their Upshot on-line presence, wrote All for the 1% for All, a story by Upshot editor David Leonhardt that demonstrates one strong graphic of inequality ranging across the 20th percentile, the 50th percentile and the 95th percentile:


Leonhard’s thesis is that, indeed, the U.S. is showing signs of an inequality gap growing far faster than elsewhere in most of the world; but, no, this doesn’t mean we are doomed to such a future. His point is that the very fact that other countries have a smaller inequality gap demonstrates that we have authentic choices and we face rational paths to mitigating the problem. I think the more interesting question is, just what happened in the ’70’s and ’80’s that made our inequality dynamics diverge so significantly from the likes of Canada, Australia and most of Europe? 

If you like NYT’s figure on inequality, I encourage you to try out our interactive inequality tool, ready for browsing.


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