Robots: soft exceptionalism!

Thanks to Marti Louw for pointing this out. Here is an excellent lecture by Margot Kaminski at Yale, given at the Berkman Center at Harvard. Her lecture is about privacy, surveillance and robotics, and she does an excellent job of showing how robots are a boundary-redefining category that wreaks some havoc on how our expectations and our laws concerning authorship, privacy and blame are broken by the existence of these new devices that are not quite human and not quite under direct human control.  In Robot Futures I use several dystopian examples to point out how our intuition can be challenged by robotic technologies gone real. In her talk, Kaminski describes how boundaries are modified as technology changes the affordances we have for measuring, sensing and responding to human behavior.  To readers of the book: you will enjoy many of her analytical examples because they are hewn from the same possible futures that we have written and imagined.

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