Technology: the Elmer’s Glue of Civilization?

This is slightly off topic, but well worth the (superficial) journey. James Dunn writes, in the San Francisco Business Times, about the epic California drought now ongoing. His theme is that the drought can certainly be overcome with the simple application of just the right potion of innovation, money and risk-taking. There is a particularly telling line that I must quote directly:

What we face is not a shortage of water, but a shortage of technology

If Robot Futures were to adopt this somewhat chilling take on monumental climate change, the result would be something like, “What we face is not a shortage of jobs and an overabundance of automation and questionable human-robot ethics, but a shortage of even better robots.” There is no doubt that new technology can be game-changing. Let’s hope that people realize, at some point, that authentic human-human discourse is the likeliest path to ensuring that human-robot relations are a pleasure for all. 

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