{Future Dystopia} – ism

Professor Tyler Cowen from George Mason writes in the New York Times about how automation and robotics will change the fate of us mortals in “Who Will Prosper in the New World.” Although I cannot say I agree with more than about 50% of Dr. Cowen’s predictions, the tone hits the nail on the head. As automation arrives increasingly quickly, gaps increase rather than diminish: the education gap widens along with the Internet literacy gap; and rebellious push-back may be overcome by massive surveillance, mining and an ironic form of remote-control whereby we become more passive as our intelligent assistants lead us by the hand through lands that make us smile more frequently, albeit a bit more vapidly.  There is a trope that technology will equalize us all. This may be possible, but getting to a more equal world through technology likely requires far more discourse, thought and proactive planning than we seem to be demonstrating currently.

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