Everybody will be a Star

One of the strange side effects of data-driven mediocracy I discuss is the lack of parity between consumer and marketer. As stores use cameras and other trackers to better discriminate each and every one of us, then share that information, the bots and interactive advertisements in our surrounds will know ever greater amounts of information about us each, and yet when we interact with people or robots in such a system, we will know very little about them, or how much they might know about what we did five minutes ago or last week. Thanks to Randy Sargent, here is an NPR All Tech Considered story specifically about using image analysis to identify VIP’s in stores- so salespeople can treat them ‘right,’ written by Brenda Salinas.  I suspect VIP will gradually enlarge to include loyal shoppers, shoppers with high net worth, shoppers with a high likelihood to be swayed into purchasing, et cetera- all the way down the slippery slope to everyone, all the time. Eventually. This story is a nice example of a leading-edge front for such boundary technology though: start with famous folk who already expect special treatment, then expand from there.

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