TIME’s Timelapse goes live

The final chapter of Robot Futures suggests that robotic technologies at their very best can help us be more human: they can forge deeper empowerment into our communities, enabling us to make smarter choices for the future. Just this morning TIME released their TIMELapse story, which shows change across the earth, natural and man-made, over the past thirty years at a level of detail that was unthinkable before. TIME has done a fantastic job in researching the stories that these moving, explorable images back, then telling each story in enough detail to give the reader an eye for interactively exploring the data set themselves.  The image content comes from NASA and USGS, and the heavy computational lifting is possible because of Google. The CREATE Lab had a role in creating the interface for zooming and exploring massive the massive data in time and space. Some related links that I’m happy to share:

TIME’s site, now live

Google Earth Engine

Our GigaPan Time Machine demonstration site


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