Gaze-tracking goes Corporate

IEEE Spectrum’s Ariel Bleicher reports, in Rise of the Eye Phones, about the incorporation of gaze-tracking in future smartphones. LG and Samsung have both announced features such as gaze-based scrolling and video pause/resume. But the key line in Bleicher’s article is: “..analysts and researchers say their products only scratch the surface of what’s possible.” Outstanding interfaces await, where people seamlessly browse information without losing their train of thought. That’s the good bit. On the other side, as pointed out succinctly by John Villasenor of the Bookings Institution, there’s the question of just how much information on your attention is collected by all your devices, and how corporations will use that behavioral data to model you and model your responses to every stimulus. As I describe in New Mediocracy, tinteractions will be customized uniquely to each and every one of us as machines learn to read our every gesture and as giant cloud-based learning systems become ever more adept at collecting all that massive data, then mining it to reveal actionable marketing intelligence.

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