2 thoughts on “A Drones blog at MIT Press

  1. Mich Wilhelmi

    Wow.! Congrats. You present some amazing concepts of the future and how today we are already working to that end. I would like to point you to this article.
    I am on my second pass reading through your book. When I read about the new cyber tool I think about all the instances in where the robots are only autonomous when the can call back to the borg. (Or Archos as Daniel Wilson writes it) . Today, the The RoboEarth Cloud Engine’s nick name is “Rapyuta”, after the castle in the sky inhabited by robots featured in the Japanese movie Tenkū no Shiro Rapyuta. is another interesting situation where you will find the routines are not local but shared back in the cloud. Then we have the Hollywood’s take on this . Do not fight the army of drones but just knock out the communication and then all the drone bots will just lock up and not know what to do.

    In the future (202n), when they cannot call home will they have enough cognitive information downloaded locally to function and make the right decision? Or worse, will the opposing team “stuxnet” the drone. ?

    Thanks, Mich W.

  2. Illah R. Nourbakhsh Post author

    Thank you for the link Mich, it’s very relevant indeed. PW Singer makes the point that any technology we have, our enemies will have something similar or identical eventually- just a matter of time. That’s why the frontier moving forward is necessarily frightening.


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