The Internet of Things: a new species of Robot Smog?

Tim Danton writes from CES that Netgear’s CEO, Patrick Lo, says “Everything in the house that is powered by electricity should be connected to the internet.”  The internet of things will expand throughout our electric world, turning the universality of electricity into the universality of machine to machine communication and collaboration. If we consider this as a new form of interactive machinery, the cloud of the future moves into our homes and cars- it’s not just for servers any more.  The result will be a fantastical web of interactions between toasters, keys, cat doors, and switches. How this will change our lives is not yet well known, but I guarantee that the companies owning information on patterns of behavior will grow rich by marketing that consumer information to companies that want to sell you just what they think you need. The internet of things will balance usefulness to us all with profits for those who can mine the information just right, and this in turn will lead to ever more specificity on human behavior, an invaluable asset for any sales and marketing organization. Here comes a most heavily interconnected age.


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