Military Robots of the Disruptive Flavor

In a Future Battlefields article, Jeremy Hsu writes about a NexTech workshop hosted by PW Singer of the Brookings Institution, author of Wired for War, and operated under Chatham House rules so that individuals can make bold statements without concern about attribution. Experts in future robots for warfare made some fascinating points as reported by Hsu. One line of thinking was about small robots that anesthetize enemy soldiers on the battlefield by injecting them directly. This reminds me of the Brainspotting’s Chapter 5 concepts regarding, eventually, nanorobot control of bodies. Another interesting line of reasoning is interesting because of how close it is to plausible, today- naval ships could contain entire 3D rapid prototyping facilities on-board, changing the game from bringing a fixed set of robots into a warzone to customizing robots, in very real time, to changing conditions on the ground. As complex as this will be in terms of enforcing ethical actions, it also surfaces the exciting possibility of mobile rapid robot building labs deployed to disaster sites, able to quickly design, produce and use just the right robot for the specific disaster context in short order.


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