Early CEO of Me, Inc. Steps

This article by Josh Ong in AppleInsider suggests that Google Now represents another possible design point in the space of future digital assistants as compared to Apple’s Siri. This is an interesting consideration in that, using as much behavior and activity awareness as possible, it is the job of this digital assistant to provide the right information just before the right time- so it’s there when needed.  In the Robot Futures world of personal CEO’s, there are many paths forward from a world of individual decision-making to a distributed army of agents, each specialized to provide services that we soon cannot do without; these preemptive services are illustrative of a future in which, thanks to ever more successful machine learning techniques, personal agents can move from reactive to proactive, padding our individual worlds with the organizational detail that is today witnessed only by the super-powerful or super-wealthy (or both).  Will we become more sentient because our sense of focus becomes refined, or will we become more superficial because the prosaic centers us in important ways?


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